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Hey I am bisexual female and my name comes from my love of every thing fashion and music like My Chemical Romance which I love with all my heart. Also LINKIN PARK, UNDEROATH, COBRA STARSHIP, PANIC! THE DISCO, MUSE, LADY-GAGA.
I love fashion and someday will live in New York but for now I don't. My other loves are, Sewing things to wear that really cute, FASHION AND TWEETING EVERY THING THAT POPS IN MY CARZY HEAD.

My favorite shows are Six Feet Under, Trueblood, Carnivale, Will & Grace, ect.


MCR's statement to the fans

“Dear friends,
Let this be a declaration and a threat.
This is how I wanted to write this, just having played a show, with everything on fire. My insides, my brain, and in the pit of my heart it burns. There are some things I need to say and there are some things you need to know.
We started this band for ourselves, to bear our souls, purge our own personal demons, and reclaim our innocence. When you are told you are not good enough your entire life sometimes the only thing you can do is scream “fuck you” at the top of your lungs. This band was started and will end with three virtues: Honesty, Sincerity, and Loyalty. You will hear these three words in any interview we give because it is what we stand for. Right now we’re in Detroit, the rock city, and I’ve put this off for too fucking long…something is happening.
There is a change.
Not in music but in ourselves and in you. There are bands that have more to say to you than selling t-shirts from their personal clothing company. So frequently, especially when a band signs to a major label, they say “I want to change music. This is going to be the next Smells Like Teen Spirit.”
This is bullshit.
People cannot change music, its music that changes people. It is bigger than you and me put together. It’s a neutron bomb with the detonator set on “kill” waiting for you to push the button.
This is an evolution and you can be part of the change or stuck eating your own shit on a quest for fire.
About respect:
We were never on an endless search for it, like some Holy Grail or Noah’s fucking Ark. If I wanted respect I would be a father. I would have children and raise them to take care of me when I’m old and hooked up to machines that keep me alive. Music is a message. The message is more important than the messenger. People ask us what we have to say and my answer is to find out for yourself. This is not a copout. If you find out for yourself it means more to you.
About elitism:
If for one minute you think you’re better than a sixteen year old girl in a Green Day t-shirt, you are sorely mistaken.
Remember the first time you went to a show and saw your favorite band. You wore their shirt, and sang every word.
You didn’t know anything about scene politics, haircuts, or what was cool. All you knew was that this music made you feel different from anyone you shared a locker with. Someone finally understood you. This is what music is about.
Things are about to change for us…for all of us. From the kids who supported us at the start to those that are here now.
We will always be an Eyeball Records band. The support, dedication, and love from that label got us where we are right now – and we did it as a family.
I wanted to be the first to tell you before the gossip and the hearsay, I want to shout it from the street-lamps to the coils, in every fucked up slum, where every seedy club lives and breathes.
We are coming to your town.
We are taking back what’s ours.
We’re all in this together…
And by the way…we’ve signed to Reprise and we are fucking ready for the world to hear us scream.
My Chemical Romance”

this is why i love this band

Anonymous asked: I just found out masturbating is a sin...😔




everything is a sin really lol

Wearing clothes of different materials is a sin

Is eating fried chicken a sin cause …




Film Genre Meme: comedy (1/5)

Excuse me! The last thing I need right now is some fruit who’s just proved himself straight tellin’ my ass how sexy I am!

But I’m a Cheerleader (1999)

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Not being able to kiss someone you really rEALLY REALLY wanna kiss is kinda sad and very dumb.

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Did you know that we’ve been in the middle of a Loch Ness Monster sighting drought? Last year marked the first time in almost 90 years that Nessie hadn’t been spotted for an entire year. In fact, there hadn’t been any ‘confirmed sightings’ of the elusive cryptid for 18 months, leading some veteran spotters to voice concern that perhaps the famous monster had finally given up the ghost.

But wait! Something awesome just happened: Two different people, both using Apple Maps, captured screenshots of something measuring approximately 100ft long, with what appear to be two large flippers, powering along just under the surface of the loch. Experts from the Official Loch Ness Monster Fan Club have been studying the images and Gary Campbell, club president, reports that they’ve been steadily ruling out alternative explanations, leaving it increasingly likely that these images are brand new ‘confirmed sightings’:

‘We’ve been looking at it for a long time trying to work out exactly what it is. It looks like a boat wake, but the boat is missing. You can see some boats moored at the shore, but there isn’t one here. We’ve shown it to boat experts and they don’t know what it is. Whatever this is, it is under the water and heading south, so unless there have been secret submarine trials going on in the loch, the size of the object would make it likely to be Nessie.’

‘Now that we have spies in the skies above Loch Ness, maybe we will get more sightings which will whet the appetite of more down to earth Nessie hunters to come north. Furthermore, the use of satellite technology means that if Nessie is just swimming below the surface like in this case, we can still pick her up.’

Visit for additional information about this exiting development and the history of Nessie hunting.

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IT’S ALIVE!!!!!!!



she kinda looks like a whale or a shark

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